Here in Houston, we are all aware of a Gentleman who was selling more furniture, from a flea market location, than any other three stores in the United States. This man proved that to be successful, one must have a plan, do immense amounts for the community, market daily, work hard, deliver a good product at a fair price, have a passion for what you do, show your passion to the public, be excited, and create excitement every where you go. And this is how we run our business.

  Our Brand is important to us. We have built it around service to the community. Our marketing is designed to incorporate your companies name into all our activities. And most importantly, our community based activities, along with our promotions.

A little about our marketing. We are tracking for 1 million impressions at this time through our social media, partnership agreements, and musician promotion’s.

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  1. Our sponsorship packages have a long run period. Our end date is February 15th, 2020. Most of our packages give you adverting until that date.
  2. Once a week, we go into the community and surprise a deserving person with an H-Town Community Service Award.  This is all recorded on video and promoted through our social media platforms. Sponsor’s who get this in their package will have their name place on this award. Our actor’s will give  it to the recipient in your name, along with H-Town. Your name will be prominently posted as the Sponsor of the award in bold letters on the video, and we will have the recipient thank your verbally at the end of the video.
  3. Twice per month, we either go to the tent city in Downtown Houston, and feed the homeless, or visit a hospital and take books, and or Toys.  This also is videoed, and we have our employee’s and staff’s young children with us when we go to help hand out food. (if you teach them the importance of service while they are young, they will remember when they are grown.) We spend several hours with the recipients in this instance. Our Advertising program here consists of multiple avenues. We take the sweetest and funniest moments and cut them into  five short ten second video’s to release over several weeks, along with creating a professional three minute video of the highlights to release as many times per month as your package allows. Again, you will be heavily mentioned and highlighted in these video’s.
  4. Award Show day, we will be giving a Green Initiative award. A hometown Hero Award. A community Service Award to a Fire, or Police Station, and a Veteran’s Award to a local Veteran. These Award’s are all available to be named after your company. You can have anyone you want, from your company come on the stage to present, and you can tell your short story as to what this award means to your company. Capacity in the Venue will be approximately sixteen hundred people. We will then push a clip of this on our social media and television commercials, for the three months between the live show and our airing on television.
  5. We also have available the naming rights to our entertainment awards. These awards will be voted on by the public. These entertainers are young, smart, motivated, and have a massive social media following. They will be pushing their followers to vote and will be spreading the word through their social media following. Our voting period will be for a minimum four-month period. This means impressions to as much as a half million. The artist’s are young and understand the science of social media platform’s. They will use it to push as many vote’s as possible. An Award from a show of our size, can be a huge boost to fulfilling their dreams. With you as the sponsor of one of these awards, every time the artist’s share the award on their social media, as well as the hundreds of thousands of impressions seen by our promotions, the viewer will see, “Break-out Artist of the Year, Presented by ABC Incorporated”. Your name will also be called out the night of the show, as the sponsor of the award, if you purchase an award to be given live. Sponsor Pricing Table
  6. Our social media marketing team will be working and scheduling your posts, based on the package you purchase. Our team has studied the science of attacking the multiple platform’s we are engaged in and the type post’s that gain traction. This is why #HTOWNAWARDS, is trending on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. The spot’s you purchase can have your preferred and owned content placed in them. We also will be promoting musicians, Houston hotspots, cool things that are happening in the community and sometimes a simple motivational saying in your name, on a daily basis.  You can get as many spots as you wish..

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The Venue. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities the night of the show.

  1. Marquee Naming. The show is to take place at the Revention Center in Downtown Houston. This is only available to one sponsor. The Marquee outside, which will be in place when the evening rush hit’s the road will say, “YOUR COMPANY NAME Present’s H-TOWN AWARDS”. The outside of the Programs will also say the same.
  2. The windows on the outside of the venue will be available to have your advertising placed on them.
  3. Inside the venue there will be an area for Merchandise tables in the two lobbies.
  4. Bar inserts behind and below the bar
  5. Pillar’s and wall placement for signs promoting your business.
  6. We have two suites available. If you purchase one of these, we will brand it with your name on the outside, so the audience and television camera’s see it. The MC will also thank your company during the show for attending and being a sponsor.
  7. We will have two red carpet wall. Your name can be placed on the wall. The 600 VIP guests will walk the red carpet. We will be giving two press passes to each of the most prominent Houston, Television stations, Newspapers, online magazines, and music blogger’s. They will be required to take pictures of guests as they walk the wall. Guest’s will also be free to take their own selfies in front of the wall and post it on their social media sites, with your name prominently displayed on the wall behind them.
  8. There will be 600 VIP guests who receive gift bags. The options available with the gift bags are
  1. Have your company name on the outside of the gift bag
  2. Place a small item in the bag’s as a gift for the guests.
  3. Place an ad or Coupon in the Coupon book we will be producing and placing in every gift bag.
  4. All our sponsor’s will be listed in the program given to all   attendees of the show. Placement is determined by the package you choose.
  5. After the show. Sponsor Pricing Table

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  1. We will continue our extensive marketing campaign in your name. This time promoting the date the show will air on television in February.  Your package will continue until February 15th. Of course, if this is part of the package you choose.
  2. We will have approximately 12 minutes of commercial spots throughout the show. These commercial spots are available to the preferred sponsors. You must provide your produced commercial.
  3. All sponsor’s will be listed in the credits at the end of the show. There are spot’s available to have your name announced, and posted on film as we cut to commercials, or come back from commercial break. Marquee Sponsor will be in the title of the show, just as you are on the Marquee at the Venue.
  4. Additional sponsorships available, based on your business. We will discuss upon meeting with you.

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